Oops! Steam Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust

Oops! Steam Cleaning are carpet cleaners and floor care specialists in Houston, TX.

As a carpet cleaning company, our goal is to provide you with the best cleaning work for your carpet, rugs, tile, natural stone, upholstery, and air ducts for a high air quality at home and/or office.

Oops! wants to make the difference and we started by employing a team of carpet cleaning experts.

I said it right,”employing”.

Carpet cleaners are employees not contractors which means the company is responsible for their work.

Most carpet cleaning companies avoid hiring actual employees, because it costs the company more money to match payroll taxes per employee.

As I said, we want to make a difference in the carpet cleaning industry.

Technicians are the image of the company and we want to avoid any unfortunate situation that’s why all technicians are background checked and periodically drug tested.

Federal Contribution Act (FICA) deductions is withheld from employee’s paychecks as well as employer’s pocket, that way both Oops! Steam Cleaning and employees contribute to the Social Security Program and Medicare by the law.

Withholding FICA taxes provides to the employees with retirement and disability benefits.

How it benefits you as a client

Employees have a history at the company, we know who they are and we have performed a criminal and personal background profile on everyone to make sure they are people we can trust.

What to expect from carpet cleaner contractors?

Contractors are strangers to the company who they work for as they are to you.

You are not able to know who a person is when you open your home to, so you the consumer depend on a quality company to ensure that they have done those necessary background checks for you.

This way you can trust those workers entering you home.

Oops! Steam Cleaning is proud to be a carpet cleaning company that cares for its employees and the good of its customers.

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