How to survive summer allergies

If you suffer allergies, there are few things you can do to survive not only summer but allergies the whole year.

I’ll show you how to keep allergens out of your home.

Pollen and mold are primary summer allergens

Every year, common allergic reactions are cause by pollen and mold, typically in the late July through August and rainy winters.

Certainly, there are more causes of allergies (than pollen and mold) people suffer during summer and it is important to confirm with your doctor the ultimate cause (if you don’t know already).

I’ll focus in pollen and mold because it can affect to everyone, not just people with respiratory problems.

Sometimes cough, itch or sneeze symptoms can go unnoticed or ignored, but many people get a severe allergy that doesn’t allow them to continue with a normal day.

Nasal congestion and itchy eyes can make you feel unfocused and weak, it can make a potentially good day a terrible one.

You should take allergic symptoms seriously, it can become worse and can be a indication of an unhealthy environment.

How to minimize summer allergens

Allergens like pollen and mold have a higher spore rate in the warmer days; heed this advice and you will minimize summer allergens at home.


  • Vacuum often with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filter. This type of filter is capable of trapping extremely small particles. HEPA filter vacuums are presently considered the healthiest traditional vacuums.


  • Hire a steam cleaning company to clean carpet, area rugs, and upholstery. Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning and hypo-allergenic method that helps eliminate allergens from fibers and fabrics in the most natural way. Steam cleaning method is especially recommended for those with asthma problems.


  • Change your clothing as soon as you get home. Pollen and other allergens can be all over you and your clothes, so change your clothes and shoes off as soon as you get home and take a shower before going to bed, and frequently wash bed sheets.


  • Keep windows closed to avoid pollen in and around your home.



  • Keep your air conditioning regularly at home and inside your car to  control moisture.

If you usually suffer allergies, you may be dealing with it the whole year and seasonal allergies can become a real nightmare for you. Be ready for the summer, take our advice and control allergens at home.

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