The Ultimate Guide to Prevent Filtration Soiling on Carpet

First, let me tell you that not only smokers can cause smoke damage on their carpets.

Candle lovers keep reading…

The burning of anything excessively will produce smoke which will leave behind a soot. The soot leaves residues in air ducts and ends up on your carpet.

Carpet traps the soot into their fibers, acting as a filter.

The use of cheap air filters allows a lot of the dust and particles, which consists mainly of body dander to pass through and get the whole unit dirty.

When winter-time comes around and you kick on the heat there is a weird smell that comes out of the vents. What you are actually smelling is the heater burning all the body dander that was sitting in the vents.

Is the heater burning your carpet

Is the heater burning my carpet?

If you identify the next signal on your carpet, there could be smoke damage on your carpeting that could require repair.

Dark lines around the edges of carpet

Filtration soiling are those dark lines or bands of soils that you can find along walls, under doors that are kept closed for a length of time and under the skirting of furniture.

If you have light colored carpeting, these dark lines are more visible around the edges of your carpet, and especially near the HVAC returns (heating and air conditioning systems).

Can filtration soiling be removed from carpet?

Sometimes, with a lot of time and effort reasonable results can be achieved. However, many filtration soils are along staircase walls, or along the baseboards of walls. These factors can make the complete removal of filtration soiling quite difficult, sometimes impossible.

How to prevent filtration lines on carpet?

To help prevent filtration soiling in the future, you don’t have to stop cooking, or avoid candles, bellow are some tips to help prevent filtration lines on your carpet:

  1. Vacuum on regular basis and make an extra effort on the edges of the carpeting.
  2. Carefully, wipe with a damp or use a white terry cloth towel. The track-strip is located at the edge of the carpeting, watch your fingers.
  3. Do preference of smokeless candles instead of traditional candles
  4. Keep the air ducts as clean as possible by thoroughly cleaning the HVAC unit, you may need to employ professional help for that.
  5. Replace your air filters regularly.

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