How to Get Furniture Dents out of Carpet

The plusher the carpet, the more obvious the marks left behind  when you  move the sofa. To get furniture dents out of carpet, I recommend the following methods to avoid any damage to your carpet in the process, it is easy to remove dents left by heavy furniture, so don’t worry, and follow the steps.

Get furniture dents out of carpet with an iron

Place a clean and wet damp cloth over the carpet dents and hold an iron on medium heat for about 30 to 60 seconds over the cloth. Then, vacuum the spot to straight up carpet fibers.

Get furniture dents out of carpet with ice cubes

Place ice cubes over each carpet dent until the ice has melted and blot the spots with a dry cloth to absorb the excess water; wet carpet is manageable, so use the same dry cloth to even the carpet fibers, and vacuum afterwards.

What to do with furniture dents on rug?

If you need to remove furniture dents from area rugs, look out for your laminate, vinyl and/or wood floors since they are delicate flooring.

Steam them with an iron (as we explained above) can be the best way to remove furniture dents.

But when removing dents from area rugs that are sitting on certain hard surfaces like hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring that can be damaged by heat take extra precaution.

Whatever method you choose, place an absorbent pad underneath the rug to protect the surface of your floor.

How to avoid furniture dents on carpet and rugs

Since leaving furniture out of the room isn’t a practical option, you can use several preventive methods to keep those carpet dents to a minimum.

  • Place pads or coasters beneath sofa legs to protect carpets and rugs.
  • Heavy furniture items form carpet dents because of the weight pressure over time. If it is possible for you to move the furniture regularly, let’s say every few months, a few inches to the side, this could avoid dents.

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