How to choose a reliable carpet cleaning company

Before you select a carpet cleaning company, you might want to consider the below to ensure that you don’t become another victim of the industry’s rip-off pricing tactics.

All carpet cleaning companies are not the same.

Learn how to choose a reliable carpet cleaning company:

  • Better clean with steam

There are different methods for carpet cleaning, like dry cleaning, hot water extraction, and my favorite steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the only carpet cleaning method out there that does not require chemicals (cleaning solutions and/or detergent) to clean and is hypo-allergenic.

Real steam cleaning truly clean carpet and leaves no residue behind.

Choose a carpet cleaning company that offers steam cleaning services.

Heat improve cleaning effectiveness.

Steam naturally sanitizes carpet; its high temperature kills common bacteria, and has been proven be capable to fight against stains on carpet.

True steam temperatures around 250 to 300 degrees can dissolve soils even if there are no chemicals involved.

Except for a few natural fibers, such as, wool that may need to use cold water, everything else is better cleaned with steam.

  • Know what type of equipment the company is using

Van-mounted cleaning machines are more effective than portable equipment.

The mounted equipment can vary from company to company, the difference depends on which cleaning method is employed, hot water extraction cleaning or steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning requires a powerful motor, due to the high temperatures reached to achieve steam. Also, steam cleaning equipment is more complicated structurally than those used for hot water extraction.

Suction power is very important as well; once dirt and soils have been loosened, suction power determines how much is actually removed.

Common vacuums lift about 12 lbs. The one we used at Oops Steam Cleaning in Houston TX, lifts between 18 to 20 lbs.,this is one of the most powerful out there.

  • Consider the employees

We all care about who is around our family and home. It can be an uncomfortable situation to receive a stranger at home. Of, course, it can be exacerbated by a shady worker.

So, you want to choose a carpet cleaning company that has employees rather than contractors. Typically, contractors are not background checked nor drug screened.

Carpet cleaning companies often hire contractors because they can avoid payroll taxes, insurance premiums, screening fees and even liability in the event of an unforeseen events.

  • Consider a fully insured carpet cleaning company

By choosing a carpet cleaning company that is fully insured, you can rest assured knowing that in case of unforeseen accidents or events, the company is fully capable of reimbursing you.

  • Avoid the lowest price

Do not select a company based on the cheapest price or the best coupon offers.

If you didn’t know, shampoo cleaning method is the cheapest carpet cleaning method due to the inexpensive cleaning machines and products.

On the other hand, steam cleaning is more expensive, but incredibly effective. It’s clinically recommended for those with asthma problems and/or allergies.

Clean carpet should be your goal, so focus on that.

The best way to avoid a rip-off pricing is to have an in-person estimate performed before the job is started because no one wants to haggle over the cleaning price.

When considering a carpet cleaning company, make sure they have all the above. If they don’t pass the test, keep looking.

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