Does steam cleaning kill fleas, dust mites and bed bugs?

To start, I’m sorry if you are experiencing this uncomfortable situation. These pests can be incredibly frustrating when they have invaded your home.

If you have tried washing everything in hot water, vacuuming regularly as well as treating your pet (if you have one), and you can’t get it under control, well, you need a professional exterminator right away and perhaps a professional steam cleaning afterward.

But, does steam cleaning kill fleas?

In, short, yes, steam cleaning is capable of killing certain stages of the flea life-cycle, but if you have a severe flea infestation, this answer can vary.

If you really want to rid your home of the flea infestation (and dust mites or even bed bugs) once and for all, the right way to go is to hire a professional exterminator and then a steam cleaning service for the carpet, area rugs and/or upholstery.

How does steam cleaning help?

Steam cleaning does not do the job of the exterminator. However, what steam cleaning does offer, is to sanitize the carpet and air while removing chemical residue left by exterminator, dead fleas, eggs…

FYI, after the exterminator, you should wait for a couple of days for the chemicals to work and completely dry before contacting a carpet steam cleaner.

If you steam clean the carpet and/or items right after the extermination, chemicals will not have time to work properly and can become airborne which is very harmful to your health.

Never worry about fleas, bed bugs or dust mites again.

  • If you’re dealing with fleas, dust mites, you can be sure that not only carpet but any upholstery item made of fabric is infested too. So, when hiring a professional cleaner, don’t forget to steam clean your upholstery.


  • Pets are the most common cause of this issue, it is easy for them to attract all type of bacteria and pests, especially in the warmer months. Keep up with any medications and treatments as needed for your pets.


  • Dust mites and bed bugs can live for a month on carpet fibers and area rugs unnoticed, if they are undisturbed. So, you should vacuum at least once a week.


  • Steam clean your carpet frequently especially if you have pets and children. Steam cleaning is hypo-allergenic and get a deep cleaning on your carpet.


Fleas bites can cause irritation, and serious allergies in animals and humans. It’s a very serious matter. Don’t wait too long, take control of the problem quickly.

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