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Oops Steam Cleaning Blog is created to give our customers and everyone interested, an inside of our carpet cleaning company in Houston TX.

We want you to know us and support our goal which is make your home a better place to live.

Every word read in this blog comes from office administrators, customer service team, any department at Oops Steam Cleaning. The technicians' experience will speak thru us. Everyone is exited to let their voice sound.

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Express your opinion.

We hope you find interesting topics here. As we share our experience, feel free to comment, discuss, email us or call to our office. We'll appropriate your interest.

Oops Steam Cleaning has strong values. If we see on comments any intention to be sexist, homophobic, racist or even hate-speech such, comment will be deleted. Be respectful and engage with our community.

Oops! Steam Cleaning Approach.

Oops Steam Cleaning doesn't offer just a carpet cleaning service, we offer a better living providing eco-friendly carpet cleaning services. We don't need of harmful chemicals or shampoos to clean carpet, tiles and upholstery, only our green cleaning solution (you can even drink) followed by our steam cleaning method clinically recommended for anyone, specially who suffer asthma, allergies or have chemical sensitives.

Oops! Steam Cleaning Story.

Oops Steam Cleaning was established in the year of 2006 in Houston, TX., because there was a need for the carpet cleaning industry in Houston to focus in health and the environment. Since then our team of carpet cleaning experts have been working hard to improved the air quality in many homes and businesses offering high quality cleaning.

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