5 reasons to say NO to shampoo carpet cleaning

If you have chemical sensitivity or suffer allergies, I assume you already know that cleaning your carpet with shampoo is not an option for you.

The rotary-shampoo process is the cheapest carpet cleaning method out there.

Carpet cleaners who used this type of cleaning apply shampoo to carpet with a buffer machine which has a rotary disc.

Let me break down the disadvantages of using shampoo carpet cleaning:

  1. Long dry times.

Dry time for carpet is between 2 to 3 days. The longest period you can get.

   2. Residue left behind.

You need to wait until carpet has been dried completely to vacuum residues left by the cleaning, and even after, some residue, dirt, and shampoo will inevitably remain on fibers due to the poor pressure of household vacuums.

   3. Re-soiling.

Residue can increase re-soiling which can trap dirt easily into carpet fibers.

   4. Pile Distortion.

A buffer machine can damage your carpet causing over-wetting or pile distortion, so operator needs to be very careful.

   5. Cleaning Chemical Solution.

Common chemicals in shampoo used for carpet cleaning are suspected to have adverse hormonal effects and/or impurities left over from the manufacturing process, like any other chemical.

Not to mention, the feeling of carpet fibers when you walk on it is a sensation like crunchy carpet fibers, not a pleasant on the feet.

Rotary-shampoo cleaning doesn’t do any better to carpet nor your health.

If you really want to clean your carpet choose a deep cleaning like carpet steam cleaning.

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